Thursday, February 17, 2011

Certificates #1

Our Classroom Achievement Certificates

Our Values Certificates

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dylan Elise Drumming Show

What an AMAZING show! Dylan played the drums so fast and did lots of tricks, such as spinning and throwing the drum sticks while he was playing. He was very clever!

Ripper Rugby

Scott from Auckland Rugby came to school today to teach us some rugby skills. We had heaps of fun playing and learning with Room 5.

Mrs Wishy-Washy

Our shared book this week was Mrs Wishy-Washy. It was also Room 13's shared book so they joined us to make some awesome Mrs Wishy-Washy faces out of paper plates. Then Room 4 did some Wishy-Washy writing. Come and check them out in our class!

Smarty Pants

We read Smarty Pants by Joy Cowley as a shared book. We made ourselves into Smart Pants.
Didn't we do a great job?!

Meet Room Four

This is our very first class photo for the year. 
As we get more children in our class we will add our updated class photos.